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Catch the League of Women Voters sponsored debate on television and see Paul answering the questions that Weldon refused to answer for District 7.
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A MESSAGE FROM PAUL:            
We're coming into the home stretch of the campaign, and it's been a whirlwind. We've been at train stations, community events, parades, house parties, and rallies, knocking on doors and shaking hands. And we keep hearing the same thing: "It's about time somebody took on Curt Weldon."

I am taking on Weldon. But in typical Weldon fashion, he has been unresponsive to the democratic process. Here's what happened: Curt has refused to attend any open interview and refused invitations to debates sponsored by everyone from the League of Women Voters to the Catholics for Peace and Justice. He has, in fact, refused to participate in any event which includes an opponent. His press secretary says that he's far too busy to actually spend time campaigning for re-election. In short, his time is too valuable to waste on his constituents.

But he needs to explain how his 38 trips to Russia have helped the 7th District. Why he ranks #3 in trips paid for by lobbyists. Why he thinks we need assault weapons on our streets. Why he introduced a bill to reinstate the draft. Why he is a strong supporter of Sun Myung Moon, a major destabilizing influence on the Korean peninsula. Why companies and individuals for which he used his influence paid his daughter and a political ally nearly a million dollars. Why Pennsylvania is 48th among the states in per-capita Federal Homeland Security money. Why of 238 grants to Pennsylvania firefighters under the Homeland Security Department, only 3 came to the 7th District.

But most of all, he needs to explain why, this session, every time he's voted, it was with Tom DeLay. He supports every move the ultra right has made, from an unnecessary war to tax cuts for the wealthy, from starving education to gutting environmental regulations. He's a major supporter of an administration that has attacked seniors, unions, and the poor, failed to provide health care for all Americans and relentlessly attacked Social Security and Medicare. He calls himself a conservative, yet he voted for the largest deficit in American history. Curt looks at the balance between the people he represents and the lobbyists who give him money, and comes down for the lobbyists every time.

I think the people of the 7th District deserve a congressman who will work as hard for them as he does for big money contributors. Who listens to them, rather than the right wing ideologues of the Republican Party. Who will work for health care for all Americans, a balanced budget, security at home and respect abroad. With your help, and your vote, I will be that Congressman.



The first responsibility of Government is to keep us safe in our homes, and to keep America safe in the world.



We’re responsible for the reconstruction of the country and the establishment of a government chosen by and supported by the people of Iraq.



The Bush Administration and the Republican Congress have presided over the most devastating economic turn around in American history.



It is our duty as citizens in the wealthiest nation in the world to provide health insurance for all our fellow citizens.


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