From Dr. Paul Scoles

Dear friends and supporters,

As you’ve no doubt heard by this time, I’ve decided to drop out of the Congressional race and support Joe Sestak for Congress.

This wasn’t an easy decision, but it was the right one.

Joe is a native of Springfield, Delaware County, who retired from the Navy after 31 years of service, rising to the rank of Vice Admiral.  He called in late January, and indicated that he was interested in the race.  We met and talked for six hours, and have spent many more hours since then talking about where we stand on the issues of importance to the 7th District, and the nation.

I am convinced that on every significant issue, Joe and I agree.

We agree that America’s health is America’s strength, and that we should enact universal, comprehensive health care insurance, for all Americans.

We agree that the best investment a nation can make is in education, and that, from universal pre-K to accessible tuition assistance for college, America must do more.

We agree that the Republicans have mortgaged the future of America to pay for unnecessary tax cuts, and that those cuts should be eliminated.

And we agree that we should set a date certain for withdrawal from Iraq, and that a staged withdrawal with indefinite timelines will only prolong the insurgency.

Joe has a strong knowledge of employment law and will work hard to ensure that young people get jobs.  This race has never been about me; it’s been about removing Curt Weldon and the corrupt Republican leadership from Congress. Joe Sestak is the best person to do that job.  I urge you to visit his website, and read about him.

I’m not leaving the field – I’ll be working to be sure Joe is elected in November. And, because I believe we sometimes need to give even the people we support a little push, I’m leaving this website up, so you can read the position papers I’ve written. These are the things I believe, and I hope you’ll help me keep them front and center.

Finally, I want to thank all of you for your support, and your friendship.


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